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What we learn

During our training you have the opportunity to learn under the guidance of a certified and higher-level inspected BMW Motorrad instructor in order to drive safely both on-road and off-road. New skills and knowledge create a more enjoyable and safer driving experience. Nordmoto Estonia training is based on IIA BMW Motorrad standards. Our different training packages:

—    On-road trainings

—    Off-road trainings

Raul writes


You really can ride a motorcycle in very different places! There were a lot of roads that I didn’t visit due to fear, lack of courage and phobias! Until today… Thanks Nordmoto Estonia and Ulvar Mikk! Many fears and phobias were beaten today!

Training cures fear!

Boriss writes


A warm evening full of great activities! Thanks Ulvar Mikk for offering a very practical pastime !!!

Karel writes


I’m as incredibly tired as I’m happy and satisfied. Thanks for a day that was the best on motorcycle so far! Thanks again 🙏



Where we travel

The most important part of riding a motorcycle is enjoying it and the best way to do this is to discover the world at the same time. From November to April, we will be touring in different countries  with fun people who all have the same mindset and who take the time to do such cool and eye-opening things.



Our rental

Sometimes you may have the urge to explore the world, but the usual means of transport just aren’t good enough. You would like to drive a long way, feel free and united with nature. You would like to feel a nice breeze of wind blowing in your face and hear all the interesting sounds that you just can’t hear in closed places. We provide high-quality BMW motorcycles for all those needs. Just take it, drive it and enjoy it!

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