Unique opportunity to ride the GS Trophy 2022 road with great people. Albania is one of the last pearls of off-road enjoyment in Europe. We visit old Roman trade routes, forest trails and rocky mountains. These tracks have everything that a true landscape adventure must have – majestic mountains with changing landscapes To the Mediterranean beaches. Albania is a true off-road paradise and an ideal place for Int. GS Trophy 2022 and Follow The Trails.
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Price 4 150 €

A trip lasting 8 days / including 6 driving days includes:

Extra expenses: everything that's not listed

As was the case in Mongolia and New Zealand, Int. GS Trophy 2022 Albania still has a lot of surprises. Get ready to drive through rugged mountains and the magnificent Mediterranean forest trail. Test your driving skills and experience the great teamwork that makes it a truly enjoyable and unforgettable motorcycle trip.




1 200 km


180 - 220 km


Tirana, Albaania


On-Road, Off-Road


Very experienced rider

The trip will be accompanied and organized by Ulvar Mikk, a certified instructor and tour guide for BMW Motorrad

Nordmoto Estonia OÜ in cooperation with BMW Motorrad Partner Enduropark Andalucia.